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A Genomics Roundtable Technical Deep Dive: Building a Global Data Environment for Decentralized Research
In our first Genomics Roundtable, a panel of experts discussed the difficult challenges that a globally dispersed workforce, edge devices, and applications spread across data centers and the cloud present to today's scientific research organizations. We also discussed how Hammerspace helps scientists work more efficiently by creating a unified data environment that leverages existing architecture and can span across hybrid cloud and/or multi-datacenter environments, providing secure access for remote users to do their work from anywhere.

Due to the level of interest we have received asking for more details on the Hammerspace solution, we have scheduled a follow up webinar.

Please join us for a technical deep dive on how Hammerspace solves these industry challenges to efficiently and securely make data available to those who need it. Some of the topics we will concentrate on include:

-How can I get performant access to distributed files? What about conflicts?

-Does data need to be migrated to a central repository or can it be anywhere?

-How does Hammerspace actually orchestrate data movement?

-How does it scale? What performance can I expect?

-Do I need to use the cloud, and is my data secure?

Please join this panel of industry experts during this free, 45 minute webinar as they answer all of your most technical questions. Wednesday, August 17th at 10:00 AM PST.


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